Products Warranty

Warranty period

In keeping with its high standards of quality, provide consumer purchasers with a one (1) month (from purchase date) Limited Warranty for normal use only.

This one (1) month Limited Warranty is hereafter referred to as The Warranty Period and is subject to certain conditions (as outlined below).

What the warranty covers will, without charge, during The Warranty Period, repair or replace, at its option, any component part which is defective or that malfunctions when the machine is returned for Inspection within the warranty period.

Exclusions from warranty

Every machine or component part returned to shall be examined.

Malfunctions, defects or failures of the machine or any component parts due to alterations made to the machine, improper or negligent use or abuse, or use of the machine for rental purposes or use not in accordance with the Instruction Guide provided with the machine are excluded under this Warranty.

Any attempt to repair/tamper with the machine voids the Warranty.

The warranty does not include a refund of the purchase price.

Use of the machine for commercial purposes (other than rental) is covered by this Warranty for a One (1) month Warranty Period only to the extent that malfunctions, defects, or failures of the machine or component parts are not due to alterations made to the machine, improper or negligent use or abuse, or use not in accordance with the Instruction Guide provided with the machine, or normal commercial wear and tear.

Returns policy

Any claims for shortages or damages must be reported within 3 days of receipt of order.
If your items are broken or defective for whatever reason, please contact us - we will always work with you to repair, replace components and/or fix any requests or problems that may arise.

3D Printer/Filament usage

As with all electrical machines, common sense caution should prevail. The 3D Printer kit is NOT a toy and it contains small and sharp parts. Children can choke or suffocate by swallowing small objects. Keep all parts away from children and never leave printer/parts unattended. Disconnect printer from electricity source when not in use. Please note that the extruder generates a substantial amount of heat when in use.

ABS Filament creates mild, tolerable fumes while being extruded. These fumes, while usually tolerable, may be dangerous for people (or pet birds) with chemical sensitivities or breathing difficulties.

Further limitations

In no event shall be liable for any consequential or incidental damages you may incur in connection with the purchase and use of the machine; including, without limitation, commercial loss or for any incidental expenses, damage from improper use of either machine or products used in the machine, loss of time, or inconvenience.

All electronics are gauranteed non-DOA. We will repair or replace any defective product at our discretion. Warranty does not cover cosmetic imperfection, accidental damages, or defects due to mishandling, abuse, or neglect.

Standalone parts, including bare circuit boards, may be returned if in new (untouched) condition, but are otherwise sold without warranty.